Would you like to be a mediator?

Our training programme


Are you a good listener, able to be non judgemental and understanding?  BHIMS runs regular training courses which go  over six days, usually on consecutive  Saturdays.

The mediation approach involves:

  • listening to everyone involved
  • opening up conversation to improve understanding
  • following a sequence of steps which allow those involved to identify possible solutions.

At the end you will join our team of experienced volunteer mediators providing support for people in dispute to find solutions to their conflict.  Most of our work involves neighbourhood disputes where we help  two or more parties understand each other and seek a way forward to resolve the conflict.

No experience is necessary. But we do look for a commitment from our volunteers once trained to volunteer  for a minimum period to be agreed at the end of the training.

There will also be an option where appropriate to become an OCN accredited mediator Level 2 or Level 3.

BHIMS runs regular up date training covering issues such as:

  • Adult Safeguarding
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Mental Health Awareness Training
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Non-violent communication
  • Inter – generational training
  • Workplace mediation skills
  • Mediators shared learning group – run for and by mediators to share good practice
  • Mediation master classes.

Conflict Coaching

Volunteers also have the opportunity to train as conflict coachers. This is offered when mediation is not possible because only one party has agreed to take part.  The aim  is to support the person involved  to find ways to manage  difficult situations more easily.

Two of our experienced conflict coaching mediators will work with you to explore the issues you are facing and think about what strategies may be most helpful to improve the situation.

Your mediators will:

  • support you throughout the process
  • not offer advice or take actions on your behalf
  • treat everything you say in the strictest confidence, unless we feel that a vulnerable person is at risk

Normally conflict coaching will take  between one and three one hour sessions.

Workplace Mediation

We offer a suite of workplace mediation interventions:

  • Mediation Light – 1 day. Participative and interactive session covering all key aspects of the mediation process n.b.in the time a full mediation available will not be possible and practice by necessity will be bite sized and light touch
  • Introduction to Workplace Mediation – 3 days. Participative and interactive and will involve running a full mediation – detailed role plays and feedback will be provided. Learning is incremental and will culminate with all participants having the opportunity having the opportunity to conduct a full mediation.
  • Mediation practice, tutorials, workshops and master classes – Essential practice sessions and workshops to improve mediation skills and confidence.
  • OCN Accredited Workplace Mediation – 6 days

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR MEDIATION TRAINING CONTACT Kathy Whitestone on  01273 700812 or email us on mediation@bhims.org.uk