International murder mystery author Peter James, is to become the first Patron of the Brighton and Hove Independent Mediation Service (BHIMS).

The charity has been operating in Brighton, Hove and Lewes and surrounding areas for 21 years, offering a range of services to local communities with the aim of resolving conflict and disputes.  During 2014 BHIMS dealt with a record number of disputes, with cases  referred from the Police increasing by 60%.  BHIMS expects to have dealt with approximately 100 cases for the year 2014.

Mark Green, Manager of BHIMS said: “We are delighted to have Peter James’ support. “He does a lot of great work in the City and there is clearly a connection between what he writes about and what we deal with!”

The use of mediation to resolve disputes and conflicts is growing across the country.   The core of cases involving breakdown in communication resulting in mistrust, suspicion and, in some cases, hostility. Mark continues: “The biggest problem is lifestyle clashes, noise, issues around pets and anti-social behaviour.”

“Often disputes have been raging for years affecting the health and wellbeing of everyone involved. We offer a safe and confidential environment for all involved to think things through and talk to each other about the issues.  Our mediators are trained to work through the issues so that a resolution can be agreed.  In excess of 80% of cases that go to mediation are successful!”

As Patron, Peter James has agreed to support the organisation with fund-raising opportunities and negotiations between our funding providers where appropriate.

At present, BHIMS has contracts with Sussex Police, Brighton and Hove City Council, Lewes City Council and several local Housing Associations.

Peter James said:  “BHIMS does some great work to improve the living environment of people in and around the City. As a Brighton person I support any organisation with this aim and I look forward to supporting them in their work and meeting the staff and volunteers.”

The highly-skilled team of volunteer mediators also offer workplace mediation to local businesses and organisations, as well as undertaking other outreach work within the community. One example has included training residents on a local housing estate to resolve conflict themselves through effective communication skills.

For more information about the Brighton and Hove Independent Mediation Service, please visit  or  email us  on [email protected]   Telephone 01273 700812.  The office is closed over the Xmas period until Monday 5th January.

For press enquiries please call Pam Lelliott on 07979852750