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Referral Forms

BHIMS Self Referral Form June 2019


If you are an agency wishing to refer a case for mediation (e.g.: Local Authority, Social Landlord, Police or other organisation;

BHIMS Agency Referral Form June 2019

BHIMS Referral Form for Homeless Prevention Mediation June 2019

For individuals wishing to refer themselves, please call our office to discuss your case.

Information and Leaflets

Brighton & Hove Mediation Service Leaflet (PDF)

Brighton & Hove Mediation Service Leaflet (translated – PDF)

Brighton & Hove Mediation Workplace Mediation Leaflet (PDF)

Brighton & Hove Mediation Community Mediation Training Leaflet (PDF)

Young Persons Mediator Training Application Form 2018

Brighton & Hove Mediation Mediator Job Description (PDF)

Brighton & Hove Mediation Mediator Application Form (PDF)

Brighton & Hove Mediation Office Location Map (PDF)

Brighton & Hove Mediation Donation Gift Aid Form (PDF)

European Code of Conduct for Mediators (PDF)

Reports, Research and Policy Information

Assessing the Impact of Neighbour Dispute Mediation

RSA/NESTA:- First Aid Approaches to Managing Anti-Social Behavior: From Concept to Policy (2012 – PDF)

Mediation in the NHS survey results 2012

Brighton & Hove Mediation Annual Accounts 2011-2012 (PDF)

Spotlight 2015/16

Spotlight 2016/17

Spotlight 2017/18

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