Volunteering with BHIMS

BHIMS mediators are trained volunteers who give their time to support people experiencing disputes in their community.  Our mediators come from all walks of life and usually live or work locally. As volunteers, they take on cases that fit in with their other commitments.

“Volunteers can pick and choose the kind of cases they want to take on, and it is easy to fit this in with my own work. Involvement is never longer than 2/3 hours at a stretch, and you can choose times of day that suit.”

BHIMS mediators work in pairs – this is known as co-mediation. Their role is to provide a supportive process that enables people to:

  • Listen to each other’s experience and build mutual understanding
  • Talk to each other and find a mutually acceptable way forward.

“Mediating for BHIMS is a very rewarding experience. There is an almost magical feeling when two parties, who have previously been at loggerheads, leave a joint meeting talking together like proper neighbours.”

BHIMS supports all volunteers as they work on cases, with practical arrangements and case discussions.

“We get to focus on the really interesting personal aspect of the work and are extremely well supported by the excellent caseworkers.”

“As a volunteer it is reassuring to know that I can contact the BHIMS office staff to talk through case concerns.”

We run monthly peer support sessions for mediators, which are a chance to share the ups and downs of mediating, build expertise and gain support from each other.

The training is excellent and ongoing. Working in pairs means we feel safe and confident even as we build up the skills.”



You do not need to have any special qualifications or experience to train as a mediator.  BHIMS generally recruits and trains volunteer mediators every 2 years. We look for people who are good listeners and are able to support people without taking sides or making judgements.

By following the BHIMS process I have found that it enables positive outcomes for even the most complex and challenging cases.”

The training is approved by the College of Mediators. It is a 6 day course, usually run one or two days a week.

Our next Mediator training is scheduled for Spring 2021. We will start recruiting in late 2020. Further information will be posted nearer the time.

Contact [email protected]  to find out more.