What is Mediation?

Mediation: a way to resolve conflict that gives you the opportunity and support to deal with problems you are experiencing in your community.

Conflict is a fact of life and can be a great force for change if used positively.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-judgemental and confidential process that uses a neutral third party to help people in dispute find a mutually agreed solution without having to go to court. The process allows disputants to work out their solution assisted by the mediators. Mediation is widely recognised as a cost-effective way of dealing with disputes and is increasingly being used as an early intervention to resolve conflict across the globe.

How does Mediation work?

We will arrange to visit you and listen to your issues. Then, if they are willing, we will visit the other person/s involved and listen to theirs. Then, if both the mediators and disputants agree, a joint meeting can be agreed. This meeting will be held at a neutral place with two of our mediators present. Each party has a chance to say what they need to without interruption.

Our job is to help those present to find a way forward. Usually a solution will be found which everyone is happy with which we will write down to remind everyone what was agreed. However, this is not a legally binding document.

Sitting down and talking to the people who you are in dispute with may seem odd at first, but most people find it okay, once it gets started and our experience proves that it does work. However if anyone is not willing to meet, we can revisit each party in turn. Quite often this too can lead to agreement.

Things to remember about mediation:

  • It is fair to both sides. Everyone gets the chance to air their feelings and get their point of view across;
  • No one has to admit fault or climb down. Agreements are ‘win-win’, offering something to both sides;
  • Agreements are written down, and are practical, reasonable, and form a benchmark for the future;
  • It is a quick, effective alternative to costly legal action – or doing nothing and putting up with the problem;
  • It is voluntary: you can withdraw from the process at any time you wish.

We work to the European Code of Conduct for Mediators professional standards.

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