Community Mediation

Our range of services broadly split into two areas – mediation in the community for individuals, families and groups outlined below, and mediation in workplaces for employers, employees, or commercial settings for landlords and businesses.

Neighbourhood Mediation

Neighbour mediation is a way of resolving disputes between those who live in the same locality or neighbourhood. Disputes may involve issues such as noise, communication breakdown, anti-social behavior, boundary problems and lifestyle differences, amongst other things. Mediation is not about deciding who is right or wrong, nor about what should or should not have happened in the past. Its main aim is to find some way of improving the present situation.

Why not download our Top Ten Tips for Being a Good Neighbour guide. Click here to find out more about making a referral to us

Community and Intercultural Mediation

Community Mediation provides an impartial and independent framework for people from different backgrounds and cultures to work through any differences they may have and reach a better understanding of each other. Where language may also be a barrier, our mediators can look to work with a translator with a similar background to ensure everyone is properly heard. Community Mediation can take place between individuals or small groups and can deal with many different issues. In order to work out the best format and structure for the mediation process, please contact us for an initial chat.


Here is a short video which explains a little more about the process of Community Mediation



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