Agency Referral Forms

Below is a list of agencies that are currently able to refer cases to BHIMS and the types of cases they are able to refer.

The agencies below are funded to make referrals to BHIMS. If your agency is not listed and you would like to refer to us please either email [email protected] or use the contact form at the foot of this page.

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Homeless Prevention

Agencies wishing to refer Brighton & Hove and Lewes & Eastbourne clients in private rented accommodation (where conflict is putting housing at risk):
Brighton & Hove
Lewes & Eastbourne

General Referrals

Brighton and Hove City Council:
  • Tenancy Services
  • Environmental Protection
Southern Housing
Clarion Housing
Lewes District Council Homes First

Police Referrals

Sussex Police (Brighton, Hove and Lewes district)

Supported Housing in Brighton & Hove

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